How Do I Become a Medical Representative?

Becoming a medical representative is not an easy task. Usually pharmaceutical companies or anyone else hiring will want the applicant to have a college degree, preferably in the sciences: biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, organic chemistry. Public speaking, being a strong salesperson with a proven record, and the ability to work alone and in a large territory without much direct supervision is also necessary.

Most companies will put out an advertisement on their website (try the “Careers” link on most medical company websites). Here, they will list the positions that are available and also the areas that the positions are available in. The easiest way to apply is usually online and then follow up with a call to their HR department to see that your application was received.

If your resume is selected, you’ll usually have to go through 1 or 2 phone interviews before being invited to a in person interview. 24 hours prior to the in person interview, you may be provided with disease and treatment information that you’ll have to study and then roleplay detailing a doctor with your interviewer. This can be a stressful process.

You’ll usually have a second interview, where you’ll meet your team members to see if you fit in with the culture of the company you’re applying for. This can be as important as the formal interview, because you don’t get along with your fellow pharma reps, you could be in for a rough time with the company.

After your second interview, you’ll usually be offered a position with the company.┬áCongratulations! Now the tough part starts.

Med Rep Training

You’re organization will generally give you 2-4 weeks worth of training at this stage. This training involves learning all about the products you’ll be selling to doctors.

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